Sandy  Oaks  Savannas

​​A Central Florida Savanna Goat Farm

Anatolian shepherd crossed with Great Pyrenees is a perfect blend of genetic traits. Livestock guardians protect the goats and as working dogs keep them safe from 2 legged and 4 legged predators that may approach from land, lake or air.

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​Greg or Linda

One of 2017s bright super moons  rising over the lake, but these does don't seem too interested.



 All kids are currently being DNA tested and will be registered with Pedigree International (and NASA upon request) prior to, or upon purchase. We are into the fall 2017 kidding season and still have a couple of awesome bucklings available. Get on the  waiting list for the early 2018 kids.

Savanna Goats and Livestock Guardian Dogs

SH 164 Juggernaut

isour newest herdsire bringing in a new bloodline coming from Sleepy Hollow Farm and Sired out of GCS C178 Jim

and Dam GCSC182 Pansy  

 ITG 43 is sired by Comanche, MGF 78ET, and on the dam's side is International E544 and the Kotze genetics.  His farm name is "Dirty Harry". He wasn't so dirty for this photo op.

Our herd is performance tested and the Savanna does are proving to possess excellent mothering skills. We can't praise them enough for their excellent mothering ability.  Savanna goats are confronted with brutal heat and humidity here in our central Florida climate and they have done very well. We've observed them grazing or laying down in the sun even when the temps are 95-100 with high humidity and heat indexes reaching 110.

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UPDATE: Juggernaut's first breeding at 6 months old produced 3 triplet doelings!

Our first herdsire, MGF 182,  a  Mincey Goat Farm buck, was purchased from Indian Territory Farms after acquiring some of the Mincey herd.

We are a recongnized DNA Certified Savanna herd with Pedigree International and a proud sponsor of the upcoming Savanna Spectacular.